Francisco Miralles y Galup 

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Biography of Francisco Miralles y Galup  ( 1848-1901 )

Francisco Miralles y Galup was a scene of genre, urban and water landscape’s painter. He first studied in Barcelona with Ramon Marti y Alsina before reaching Paris in 1866. He settled there until 1893 where he was very closed to the Spanish artists Ignacio Zuloaga, Santiago Rusinol and Enrique Granados. He was trading with Goupil, the Parisian art dealer and also with Enrique Gomez, who was painter Simon Gomez’s brother.

Francisco Miralles y Gallup took part in many exhibitions, including Valencia in 1855, or the National Exhibition of Fine Art in Barcelona in 1866. He gained a medal in Dieppe in 1875, an other one in Angoulême in 1877 and a gold one in Montpellier in 1885. He was also exhibited in the Paris Salon from 1875 to 1896. Today, the Museum of Brest owns « La Place de Clichy » realised in 1882.

Miralles y Gallup realised many genre paintings arround the Second Empire bourgeoisie. Gradually, woman became his main recurrent theme. As a painter of modern elegance, his meticulous touch was very appreciated. Miralles y Gallup was one of the most famous Catalan painter settled in Paris at that time.

In this nearly photographic composition, the artist combined his two favorite themes : women and seascape. His large colour palette allowed him many contrasts between the vivid colors of the clothes and the light and gentle colors used for the sky and the sea.

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