African hunter fighting a lioness

Jacques-Auguste Fauginet

African hunter fighting a lioness
Bronze with brown and gold patina
Dimensions : 
77 cm / 77 inch

Description of the artwork

This sculpture is a skated bronze sculpture. Dated from the first half of the 19th century, a plaster and a version of this bronze were presented at the 1836 exhibition. A hunter and a lioness are depicted in a fierce fight. Wearing a turban, the man, leaning against a tree, is placed on a rock. He's about to spear the animal. The entablature of the sculpture is decorated with branches. We notice the care given to the rendering of the anatomy: Fauginet shapes this body tightened by emotion. With his weapon firmly held in his left hand, the individual contemplates his opponent, ready to strike. The artist manages to restore the tension of the male subject and the distress of the animal, by creating this striking face-to-face between the prey and his executioner. This subject characteristic of the romantic movement, inscribed Jacques-Auguste Fauginet in this line of artists who choose the expression of passionate feelings and movement, abandoning the hieratic postures so prized during the neoclassical period.

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