Raphaël Ambros 

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Biography of Raphaël Ambros  ( 1855-1895 )

Between 1869 and 1872, Raphael Ambros studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Prague, his hometown. He was admitted in the Vienna Academic School of Painting in 1872, and quitted a year later for the Historical Painting School of August Eisenmenger. Eisenmenger, one of the most influential painter in Vienna, gave a solid education to his students, who received several rewards. Ambros attended his courses until 1877, when he won the Court Award. In the early 1880's, he took part to his first important exhibitions, after two semesters in the Heindrich Angeli’s classes.    

From the late 1880's, he settled down in Paris and travelled regularly to Vienna. He first exhibited at the French Art Salon of Paris in 1887. He also took part in Prague events where he showed several orientalist works.

Many of the Austrian painters who decided to complete their education in Paris – the main artistic place at that time – were strongly influenced by Jean-Léon Gérôme. Their studios were full of artifacts and photographs brought from the East, and their paintings depicted a world out of time. Raphaël Ambros made meticulous and smooth paintings with very precise details. This photographic realism had a particular use of color: the light was equally spread, giving bright and vivid shades which perfectly matched with the image of East amongst the Europeans.

Although the technique and the subjects resembled the paintings of Ludwig Deutsch, Raphael Ambros gave to his characters a greater humanity and reduced the mystery of the East.

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