Antoine Bouvard

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Biography of Antoine Bouvard ( 1870-1955 )

The real name ot the artist, according to his great-granddaughter, Delphine Bouvard, was in fact Eloi Noël Beraud, also he painted under the pseudonym « Bouvard » or « Marc Aldine ». Born at St. Jean-de-Bournay in L’Isère, Antoine Bouvard trained as an architect under Constant-Dufeus at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He became Director of Architectural Services for the Seine and was responsible for building the Bourse and the Boulevard Morland. Bouvard visited Venice at the beginning of the twentieth century and instantly fell in love with its special light and scenery, which is so seductive to artists. He returned to the city many times over the following fifty years and specialised in Venetian views, for which he is justly famous. He exhibited throughout France and Italy as well as many provincial European galleries during his own lifetime.
Bouvard’s paintings show the influence of the French artist Félix Ziem, that he met on one of his numerous trips to Venice, and exhibit an intuitive understanding of the unique light of the italian city. His sensitive understanding of Venice made the artist very popular. Not only did he capture the activity and glamour of the Grand Canal and the Santa Maria Della Salute, but he also caught the atmosphere and serenity of the backwaters. His paintings demonstrate his architectural skill whilst reflecting his love of Venice’s unique light effects. Bouvard’s works are broad and confidently painted, capturing all the charm of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
The artist’s son George Noel Beraud (1912-1972) was also an artist and painted under the name George Noel Bouvard. He was born in Paris and died in Ecouen and painted similar style to that of his father.

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