Gustave De Jonghe

Gustave De Jonghe
Gustave De Jonghe

Biography of Gustave De Jonghe ( 1829-1893 )

Gustave de Jonghe was a Belgian painter, son of the famous landscape painter Jan-Baptist de Jonghe. Until 1844, he began his artistic training with his father. After his father’s death on the same year, Gustave received a pension from the Curtrai’s Corporation to help him to study. He then moved to Brussels and became a pupil of Navez at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1855, Gustave de Jonghe left Belgium for Paris, where he exhibited at the Salon of French Artists during the next thirty years. Specialized in portraits, historical genre and family scenes, he presented at the Salon a lot of paintings with bourgeois families in luxury interiors. Throughout his career, Gustave painted these sumptuous interiors which emphasized his capacities of observation and his unique pictorial technique.

A very appreciated artist, he won two gold medals, one in Amsterdam in 1862 and the second one in Paris at the 1863’s Salon of French Artists. In 1895, De Jonghe was considered as the direct successor of Alfred Stevens in Paris.

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