Hippolyte-Pierre Delanoy

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Biography of Hippolyte-Pierre Delanoy ( 1849-1899 )

Hippolyte-Pierre Delanoy was a painter of genre scenes, portraits, landscapes and history scenes. He specialized himself in still life paintings.  

He was born in Glasgow in 1849. His father, Jacques Delanoy (1820-1890) was a decorator and painter from Lyon. After having trained as a painter of flowers, he was introduced to Charles Gleyre who directed a famous studio in Paris, where Claude Monet and Jean-Léon Gérôme also worked. 

Hippolyte-Pierre Delanoy met Jobbé-Duval, Félix Barrias, Léon Bonnat and Antoine Vollon who taught him the genre scene techniques, especially the still life. His paintings can be recognized thanks to the representation of metal objects. The use of pastel was reserved for landscapes. 

Between 1863 and 1887, he exhibited in Lyon but also in Paris at the Salon des Artistes Français (between 1868 and 1899). 

In 1878, the French Government purchased « A Lunch in the Park », giving it to the Fine Arts Museum of Lyon where it is still preserved. Between 1879 and 1883, three other paintings were bought. The interest for his still life was justified by the unique and outstanding depiction of armors and materials.  

A loyal exhibitor at the Salon, Delanoy displayed every year several paintings. In 1879, he exhibited two canvas including « The Coran ». The description of the Salon mentioned that this painting belonged to « M.T.Conte ». Delanoy’ address is also indicated. He lived « 32, rue des Dames », a prolific neighborhood full of artists’ studios like the one of Frédéric Bazille rue Condamine, where worked Renoir, Monet and Sisley. 

In 1880, he exhibited « Chardin’s cellar » and « Strength awards on Law ». In 1887, he displayed « The Happy smoker » and « Portrait of my mother ». These few examples highlight the variety of topics depicted and Delanoy’s hability to mix the techniques. 

He died in Paris in 1899, at the age of fifty, just after exhibiting his last work « Shiddhârta Bouddha » at the Salon. 

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