Mariano Barbasàn y Lagueruela

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Biography of Mariano Barbasàn y Lagueruela ( 1864-1924 )

Spanish painter, Marianno Barbasàn takes a course in paintings in Saint Charles Society of Fine Art in Valencia from 1880 till 1887, when he makes friend with Joaquín Sorolla and Salvador Abril.
In 1887, he leaves for Madrid and realizes his first works, essentially small paintings representatives of historic scenes located in Toledo. The same year, he presents to the National Exhibition «  At night of Walpurgis from Faust ». Then in 1889 thanks to his work « Joseph explaining the dream of a serving to the palace of the Pharaoh », he receives a scholarship of The Mission of Saragossa allowing him to complete his artistic education to the Spanish Academy of Rome.

Barbasàn finaly settles in Rome and opens his studio within the Spanish Academy. He makes numerous excursions in the Roman province to research the inspiration in the nature. Although he initially painted works with historic character «Pierre III in the hillside of Panizas», he especially realizes paintings about landscapes and scenes of the rural life. His realistic style is influenced by the technique of the impressionists and by Fortuny’s works. His work is very known in Europe, thanks to the intervention of English and German traders and to his numerous participations in exhibitions in Berlin, Munich and Vienna. He also goes in Montevideo Uruguay, in 1912 to realize two exhibitions in the Circle of Fine Arts.

When he returns in Spain in the age of 57 years, he is named professor in the Saint Louis's Academy of Arts, and then in 1923 he organizes an exhibition including his most beautiful pieces in the Mercantile Center of Saragossa. Key figure of the aragonaise painting at the end of XIXth centuries, a posthumous exhibition is dedicated to him in 1925 to Modern art Museum of Madrid.

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