Giovanni Grubacs

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Biography of Giovanni Grubacs ( 1829-1919 )

Giovanni Grubacs an artist who, following in the path of his father Carlo, was one of the most notable authors of perspective view-paintings in the neo-eighteenth-century taste working in Venice in the nineteenth century.

Giovanni, having learned the rudiments of the profession in the studio of his father, was admitted to the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice in 1847, but his studies were interrupted the next year by the outbreak of the revolution that concluded with the Austrian siege on the city.

In 1854, having finished his academic studies, Giovanni took part for the first time in the annual exhibition of the Accademia di Belli Arti, submitting two perspective views in neo-eighteenth-century taste depicting The Grand Canal, and The Riva degli Schiavoni; in the following years he was a regular participant in Venetian exhibitions, at the Istituzione Veneziana and later at the Società Veneta Promotrice di Belle Arti

The artist almost always exhibited paintings of Venetian views, but while at the beginning of his career, he strictly followed eighteenth-century prototypes, in the decades following his style came under the influence of the suffused naturalism of Ippolito Caffi which gave life and expression to his works infusing them with more realistic figural groups, dramatic long views of the city bathed in an opalescent atmosphere and brightened with sudden flashes of light that created unique luminous effects.

Giovanni Grubacs, an artist greatly appreciated by a growing circle of admirers who are seeking out, in times of turmoil and great changes, the dazzling images of Venice in the time before its antique splendor had faded. 

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