Blanche Hoschede-Monet

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Biography of Blanche Hoschede-Monet ( 1865-1947 )

Blanche was a daughter of Ernest Hoschedé, a collector of Monet’s works. Through her father’s friendship with the famous painter, Blanche joined very early the studio of the master, before becoming his assistant. Strongly influenced by his pictorial touch, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish Monet’s paintings from Blanche Hoschedé’s style.

The young woman had a true passion for painting and met Claude Monet at the age of eleven. She said « I saw Claude Monet for the first time in 1876. I was eleven but I remember very well his arrival at Montgeron, at my parents home, where he had been introduced as a great artist with long hair. This impressed me and I immediately felt sympathy for him… »

This is in a house rent by Monet in the summer that Blanche began to paint near him. She met there Jean Monet, the painter’s son, who married her in 1897.

Nature is her main inspiration. She used to paint fields along the Risle river, with its poplars and pines. Most of her artworks were executed outside, in Giverny and around the city of Rouen where she settled with her husband. She distinguished herself by a pure Impressionism. She had many personal exhibitions in Rouen, as well as at the Société des Amis des Arts in 1903, at the 37th Fine Art Municipal Exhibition in 1906 and at the Société des Artistes from Rouen too.

After the death of Claude Monet in December 1926, Blanche Hoschedé lived in Giverny and her style changed little by little, becoming less impressionnist. She painted more flowers and still life, showing her own personality in her art. A specific radiant and creamy treatment of light emerged from her paintings.

From 1927 to 2009, many exhibitions of this artist took place in France and worldwide.

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