Riccardo Pellegrini

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Riccardo Pellegrini

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Biography of Riccardo Pellegrini ( 1863-1934 )

Riccardo Pellegrini was an Italian painter who first studied at the Fine Art School of Milan. He pursued studies in Rome and after in Naples with his friend Domenico Morelli.

A painter and traveller, Riccardo Pellegrini visited Great Britain, France and Spain. The latter became his main source of inspiration, for rural subjects and above all for the representation of the Gypsy people. These many travels in Spain also inspired his activity of illustrator.

In 1912, back from his journeys through Europe, he devoted himself to the profession of illustrator, working with many renowned magazines of his time. He made the drawings of “Don Quixote” by Cervantès and “Gil Blas” by Alain-René Lesage. He also made illustrations for postcards, very south after by collectors.

A very good friend of the famous cabinetmaker Carlo Bugatti, Riccardo Pellegrini often worked with him. The painter was producing some panels with exotic subjects for the furniture’s decoration, and in return, the cabinetmaker made frames for the paintings 

Riccardo Pellegrini was a very discreet painter who participated to a few exhibitions and Salons. Though his artworks production was rich and of good quality, very appreciated by international collectors and Italian Museums. The Pellegrini’s paintings were often compared with the Fortuny’s ones, because of the chromatic influence and the details.


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