Philippoteaux Paul Dominique

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Biography of Philippoteaux Paul Dominique ( 1846-1923 )

Paul Dominique Philippoteaux was the son of the French orientalist painter Henri Félix Emmanuel Philippoteaux. The young boy first studied with his father and specialized in battles scenes and history painting. From 1865, he was the student of Alexandre Cabanel and Léon Cogniet at the Fine Art School in Paris. From 1866 and 1867 he exhibited at the Salon of French Artists. He travelled many times in the USA from 1880 and gained the New York prize on the 6th February 1906 for his artwork « Arabs in fight ». Moreover in 1883, he painted with his father a panoramic representation of the Gettysburg Battle. He also realised more than 200 illustrations for the Jules Verne’s books in 1877.

The artist was well known for his orientalists subjects, most of them following his different stays in Egypt and his settle in Cairo in 1883.

The painting « Marketplace in Choubra, Cairo » is a good example of this Orientalist phase. The scene is setting on a Cairo’s quarter named Choubra and can be compared to the painting « Market scene, Cairo » in the treatment of the light. Here the painter described the everyday life of a marketplace enshrouded in the warm Egyptian light. The donkey in the middle of the painting reminds us to the one painted in the artwork « Oriental donkey-driver ».

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