Manuel Ramirez Ibanez

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Biography of Manuel Ramirez Ibanez ( 1856-1925 )

Born in Andalusia, Manuel Ramirez Ibanez showed a natural gift for painting remarked by Federico De Madrazo. The latter encouraged him to study at the Fine Arts School of Madrid where he learnt history painting.

He won his first reward with a third class medal during the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1878. This success allowed him to enter the Spain Academy in Rome on the next year. He stayed there for 5 years and improved his technique. During this time, he continued to send his works at the Academy from Madrid where they were exhibited.

Then he painted diversified works like great historical compositions (Death of Francesco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru ; The conquest of Mexico ; The conquest of Uruguay), scenes of genre (Family reunion ; Lesson of piano), and portraits (Portrait of Pepita Ramirez ; Woman from Valence ; Portait of a man). He also made landscapes and still lives.

Back in Spain in 1884, he has been ordered some wall paintings for the chapel of the great church Saint-François in Madrid.

From then on, his diligence in National Exhibitions was rewarded with many recognition and distinctions : he won the medal of second class in 1884, 1887 and 1892 during the National Exhibitions of Fine Arts in Madrid ; and during the Chicago’s Universal Exhibition in 1893, he won a first class medal.

He became professor at the school of Arts from Madrid. He was appreciated by critic as well as public and a great retrospective of his works has been organized in 1926, one year after his death.

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