Vittorio Reggianini

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Biography of Vittorio Reggianini ( 1858-1938 )

Born in Modena, Vittorio Reggianini studies in the Academy of Arts of this city, of which he will become later one of the professors.
Following the example of the Italian artists of this period, he leaves to Florence, where heparticipates in 1900 in the Concours Alinari, with a painting entitled « Tristis Matris Nati Presaga Finis ». He also exposes at the Salon of Florence of 1907-1908, and again in 1910-1911.

Specialist of the painting of genre, he describes the elegant life of the bourgeoisie, and particularly that of the women and the children. He excels at the luxurious depiction of the well-to-do inside, tissues as well as silk trades. Quite as his Florentine contemporaries, Reggianini concentrates on an idealized image of the bourgeoisie liking the arts. His oil paintings often include a multitude of details, involving harmoniously sensualism and sensibility. Similar scenes are painted by Federico Andreotti, Francesco Vinea or still Joseph Frederic Soulacroix, whose same sources of inspiration he shares.

We find Vittorio Reggianini's paintings in Germany, to the Mainz Museum.

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