Lorenzo Vallès

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Biography of Lorenzo Vallès ( 1830-1910 )

A painter of history, mythology, genre scenes ansd landscapes, Lorenzo Vallès was born in Madrid in 1830. He first studied art at the San Fernando Academy in Madrid, together with the renown artist Frederico del Campo.
Born in a modest family, he was fostered by the Duke of Sesto who granted him with a pension, thus giving him the opportunity to go and study art in Rome in 1853.

There, he joined a significant communauty of emigrant artists and, above all, the Spanish colony of painters who included Raphaël Senet, Mario Fortuny and Martin Rico, who had already found a great international demand for their works.

He studied in the studio of Friedrich Overbeck and became quiclky successful. At this time, he  produced mainly historical and religious scenes, inspired by litterature, and  he received many prizes and rewards.
In 1866, he won a second class medal for one of his most impressive painting, « The Madness of Jane of Castilla »,  (238 x 313 cm), now hanging in the Prado Museum in Madrid.
He exhibited regularly at the Fine-Arts Salon. In 1858,  he received a Honour Distinction, , in 1864 and 1866, second class medals, and, in 1879, a third class medal.
His work is  recognisable by a lively brushwork and a vivid  and luminous palette.

He also exhibited in Vienna in 1873, and Philadelphia in 1876.

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