Louis Abel-Truchet

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Biography of Louis Abel-Truchet ( 1857-1918 )

Louis Abel-Truchet  was a student of Jules Lefebvre and Benjamin Constant in the Julian Academy in Paris. From 1891, he started exhibiting his paintings in several Art Salons such as, the Salon d’Automne, the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts (Fine-Arts National Society), where he became a member in 1910, and the French Artists Salon.
He painted genre scenes, portraits, landscapes and cityscapes in a impressionist style and technique. He excelled in depicting the parisian city life, especially located in Montmartre, where he enjoyed going out with his friends.
He travelled extensively to Italy and to the French Riviera, and he brougt back many still-life paintings, countryside and gardens views from his journeys to Venice, Padova, Sienna, Avignon, Monte-Carlo and Marseille. He also painted some orientalist pictures in Tunisia.

He did watercolours and engravings. One of his prints, « La Lune à un mètre » (one meter to the moon) was displayed for the Universal Exhibition in 1900.
His work is a wonderful and accurate testimony of his time. In 1903, he exhibited some colour engravings on the premisses of ‘La Société des peintres Lithographes’ (Society of painters and lithographers), « Danseuses et Quadrille au Moulin Rouge ». In 1904, the ‘Review of Ancient and Modern Art’ published his engraving « Le Café de Paris » in which he portrayed the life in Montmartre in quite a humoristic style.
Following his stay in Venice, 1906-1907, he presented several prints at the Exhibition of Original coloured Prints held at the art dealer Georges Petit ; among them, « La Salute », « Le Rialto », « Les Gondoles ».

Louis Abel-Truchet was often drawing satirical sketches for the press which appeared mainly in some anti-militarist newspapers during the war. « Si vous comptez sur Lui » ( a caricature of Maréchal Joffre), or « Le Calvaire », in 1917.
Having engaged himself in WWI, he died in 1918. Two of his paintings would be shown at the ‘Exhibition of he Artists Heroes of the War’ at the Salon d’Automne in 1919.

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