Caravanserai in Tabriz

Caravanserai in Tabriz
Watercolor on paper 
Dimensions : 
29,5 x 44 cm / 11.42 x 17.32 inch
Dimensions with frame : 
45 x 60 cm / 17.72 x 23.62 inch

Description of the artwork

In this view, a courtyard-like caravanserai welcomes travelers and merchants, some of whom are wearing late Qajar period clothing. The name of the fourth righteous imam, Ya Ali, is visible in one of the niches in the background, next to the year of completion of the building: 1104 AH (1692 A.C.E.). Built as inns or staging posts for merchants traveling through the region to procure supplies, rest, water and feed their horses, caravanserais were architectural structures common throughout Asia Minor.

Typically square in shape, they included stables and accommodation for travelers. An open courtyard, usually with a communal fountain for religious and secular purposes, provided a place to trade, socialize and exchange information.

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