Addison Thomas Millar

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Biography of Addison Thomas Millar ( 1850-1913 )

Addison Thomas Millar was an American etcher and painter who was born in Ohio where his Scottish father was established as a pastor. He first discovered painting through a local teacher named John Bell.

The young Millar won three times in a row the first prize of an artistic competition organized by the magazine The Youth’s Companion at the end of the 1870’s. After that, his parents accepted him to leave and his passion for painting became alive.

Millar went to Cincinnatti where he followed Evan Scott’s painting lessons. Then he settled in New York in 1883 and joined the Art Student League. William Merrit Chase was also his teacher at the Shinnecock Summer School at Long Island.

The artist first settled as a portrait painter, and presented his art works at the exhibitions of the National Academy of Design from 1891. In 1894, he left to Paris and worked there with Benjamin Constant, Henri Martin and also Giovanni Boldini.
He stayed in Europe several years and travelled regularly in Algiers, certainly under the influence of Benjamin Constant. He also went to Spain with William Merrit Chase.

During these stays, he made numerous orientalist compositions. His works show the authenticity of a passed time. He mainly liked to paint streets views and particularly the little shops typical of Algerian streets.

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