Georges Frédéric Rötig 

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Biography of Georges Frédéric Rötig  ( 1873-1961 )

As a student at l’école des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Georges-Frédéric Rötig had Jules Lefebvre, Jean-Pierre Laurens and Benjamin-Constant as teachers.  Georges-Frédéric Rötig is mainly  an animal painter.  

Deer, wild boars, pheasants and partridges, rabbits make up his bestiary as well as mountain animals represented in their natural habitat. He also paints wild animals from Africa and even pets that surround us.

Several times rewarded at the Salon des artistes français, notably in 1903, he also received the Rosa-Bonheur prize in 1913. In addition, he collaborated with the leading magazine Le Chasseur français between 1938 and 1958 in which his drawings illustrated thirty front covers.

The public collections of Le Havre, Amiens, Cambrai and Vernon fine arts museums in France display some of his works. 

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