Max Schmidt

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Biography of Max Schmidt ( 1818-1901 )

Maximilien (Max) Schmidt was born on August 23, 1818 in Berlin, he died on January 8, 1901 in Könisberg . A painter of genre scenes and architecture, he became famous during his life for his paintings and mural compositions of oriental landscapes.

He studied in Berlin Fine-Arts Academy with the artists Karl Begas, Karl Kruger and Wilhelm Schirmer. In 1843, aged 25, he travelled with Counts Albert and Wilhelm Pourtales on a journey which took him throughout the Middle East, to Syria, Palestine, Petra, Sinaï and Egypt. On his return he had produced many sketches and watercolours which had been  inspired by orientalist themes.
In the early 1860’s, together with Karl Bierman and under the direction of Wilhelm Schirmer, he painted a series of murals for the Greek and Egyptian rooms of the Neues Museum Berlin.
This paintings, conveying a romantic and idealised atmosphere, represent a programmatic step in the conception of landscape in Max Schmidt’s work.
From 1861 to 1870, he travelled to Turkey, went back to Palestine and Egypt , visited Italy and the Ionic Islands and carried on a study trip in England.
In 1868, he was teaching landscape painting at Weimar Fine-Arts Academy. In 1872, he was named professor, then director in Könisberg Fine-Arts Academy, in Eastern Prussia.
All along his life he has been recognised and highly appreciated both as an artist and a teacher. He participated in many exhibitions in Vienna and Berlin and has been awarded  numerous  honours and prizes.

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