Guillaume Seignac 

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Biography of Guillaume Seignac  ( 1870-1924 )

At the end of the XIXth century, there were still many different pictorial movements. But even if the Impressionism was becoming trendy, there were still many intransigent painters from the Academic painting, of whom Guillaume Seignac was really a part. His master, William Bouguereau was, like Alexandre Cabanel, idolized by the entire world.

French academic painter, he began his studies at the Fine Art School with Tony Robert-Fleury and William Bouguereau, who had very influenced him, both by the selection of his painted subject than by the method of the painting. These two masters were also teachers at the Julian Academy.

These artists from the Official Art, were perpetuated the Ingres’ painting, in which the drawing was major, and the subjects often inspired by the Antiquity, pretext to paint some delicate nudes.

Guillaume Seignac was regularly exhibited at the Salon, where he was awarded in 1900 with an honorable medal, and in 1903 with a third class one. Women were his preference subject, frequently undressed, represented in an antique or mythological atmosphere

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