The Targui Chebboun, Niafunké

Anna Quinquaud

The Targui Chebboun, Niafunké
Patinated Bronze, signed, dated and numbered A.Quinquaud 1925 1 on one side and with the foundry mark GRANDHOMME ANDRO Fondeur Paris on the other side.
Dimensions : 
59,5 cm / 59,5 inch

Description of the artwork

On her return from Africa, Anna Quiquaud exhibited a number of sculptures at the Galerie d'Art Contemporain in Paris in 1926. Among the works presented was a terracotta depicting Le Targui Chebboun, Niafunké. It is highly probable that our bronze proof was commissioned directly from the artist, based on this exhibited model.

Chebboun was an important Tuareg figure living near Timbuktu in the early 20th century. He killed Lieutenant-Colonel Eugène Bonnier in the battle of Takoubao on June 15, 1894, during the conquest of the region by French troops. A few weeks later, he was defeated by Marshal Joffre. Chebboun then submitted and became one of France's most loyal collaborators in the Sudanese Sahel, rewarded with the Légion d'Honneur as shown on our sculpture.


nne Doridou-Heim, "Anna Quinquaud, Sculptrice Exploratrice : Voyage dans les années 30", Paris, 2011, Ed. Somogy. Reproduced on p. 140, under number 153 for the terracotta model.

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